Sunday, August 15, 2010

50 mile Canoe Run

I don't have a picture but Gavyn just returned this weekend from a 50 mile Canoe Trip. They had hoped to hike 18 miles of it, but a heat warning went out for two days of their trip, they decided to ride the waves instead of taking any risks. He came home sun burnt and tired, but a smile on his face. The very next day left for Springfield, MO for a super Saturday event for the youth. School starts this week, so we are all gearing up for the new school year. Ariona attended her High School orientation. Yes, she starts 7th grade in the High School. Levi and Makenzie have open house this Tuesday. Seminary begins Aug. 23rd. Mom is almost ready to start her 4AM rising again.

Latest Heart Concern

My heart strings are being challenged yet again. My adventurous, indepenant daughter Chelsea is spreading her wings and hitchhiking across the USA. I know I'm not in control and she can make choices of her own, but that does not degate my heart concerns, nor the numberless prayers I pray everyday for her. She left Olympia, Washington Tuesday, arrived in Boise, Idaho on Thursday and is now in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has met alot of kind people so far and have enjoyed her journey. She is enjoying Temple Square today Sunday and visiting with her friend Melissa Harmon. All for our EXPERIENCE!?!?! All I can say is Birth was the EASY part!

Little Ginger

Little Ginger was
born the day I left for Idaho. Dad had to work all night and Ariona was in charge. Gavyn was gone to other activities. Ariona kept the baby calf alive. She called on Uncle Larry to help. The first three days were critical in regular feedings. She was not able to latch onto Missie (Mommy Cow) for the first few days. Now she is doing well and grazing on grass. Ariona is becoming quite the little farm girl. Maybe a vet one day. All these great adventures are building confidence and skills she doesn't even realize yet. She isn't too excited about horse vaginal examinations. She has alot to experience yet. Makenzie and Levi are good little helpers too.

New Calf

Miss Cocoa was the first to deliver. All went well and her calf is progressing well. The weather here has been so hot that the animals have struggled through the heat and lack of water. We have two ponds available to this field, so the animals do well.

Ashley's wedding

I had the opportunity to fly to Boise, Idaho for Ashley's wedding. It was beautiful! It was held in the back yard of this beautiful colonial ranch home. The horse stables were converted into a brides room with kitchen and bathroom facilities. She was a beautiful bride.

Pioneer Celebration

July 24th we enjoyed celebrating Pioneer Day with our ward family. After a potluck dinner, the Primary had some fun activities for the children. I shared Pioneer stories and songs. I showed the children how to clean fleece and spin the fiber in yarn to use to make clothing. I'm sure I enjoyed it more than the children, Ariona says!

Gavyn is learning how to Nurse!

We had baby bunnies born and the mommy would not take care of them. Ariona and Gavyn took turns in helping the babies nurse from the mommy. They eventually all died, but they did their best.