Sunday, August 15, 2010

50 mile Canoe Run

I don't have a picture but Gavyn just returned this weekend from a 50 mile Canoe Trip. They had hoped to hike 18 miles of it, but a heat warning went out for two days of their trip, they decided to ride the waves instead of taking any risks. He came home sun burnt and tired, but a smile on his face. The very next day left for Springfield, MO for a super Saturday event for the youth. School starts this week, so we are all gearing up for the new school year. Ariona attended her High School orientation. Yes, she starts 7th grade in the High School. Levi and Makenzie have open house this Tuesday. Seminary begins Aug. 23rd. Mom is almost ready to start her 4AM rising again.

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  1. Hey, I didn't know you were posting again! I am so glad!! I love the pictures and stories, I am missing you guys so much!