Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Joys of Grandmahood

Joys in life are sometimes few and far between, but I'm starting to understand to enjoy and appreciate the small moments as they come. Alysa and Kaycee came to visit for two weeks. What a delight to get to know this sweet little spirit. She has the most beautiful red, auburn red hair and spunk to go with it. What a "delight" she is to her parents. Growing pains here we come. Dustin, my oldest son, was able to visit for a week during the wedding events also. It was wonderful to hear of his goals and dreams. I am planning a trip to Arizona in a few weeks to welcome a second grand daughter into the world. Kyla, Dustin's wife is due May 17th.
I am looking forward to many more joys as our family continues to mulitiply and grow.


  1. Mom, we had a blast visiting, i hope we didn't wear all you out. Kaycee has been pretty pooped. takes about 3 naps a day now, and we still arent sleeping all night yet... but i think that is due to the ear infections. i hope the kids enjoyed a hole nights sleep again. She plays and plays all day long. i think she misses all the kids. i cant seem to keep up with her and she knows it to and isnt to happy with that. You guys just need to move down here so she will have all her aunts and uncles to play with :)

  2. Beautiful grandchildren and a great granddaughter Kaycee. You did good Christy. I guess i need more lessons.