Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saying Goodbye

We spend a lifetime gathering things, building a home and creating memories. It may be humble surroundings, it may in a remote area, but its ours. I came to Grants Pass, Oregon when I was three years old. This area has raised me to who I am today, and now it is time at 48 years old to venture off to discover more about myself and the world outside the safe mountains that surround this valley. I leave friends who have stood by me through tough times and loved me inspite of my faults. They I will treasure in my heart forever. Family members from my Husband's side will still be here to come visit and I look forward to those times. Believing in the sealing ordinances in the Temple's of our God, give me strength in the knowlege that families are forever. I go now to get to know and strengthen relationships with my side of the family. I leave behind much but I'm looking forward to greater opportunities.

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