Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ken and I were able to go the the burial service for Grandma Pennington Cook, in Arizona. What a wonderful time we had with everyone there. We were sad not to be with family at the time of her death. We were glad for the opportunity to speak to her a few times over the past few months and tell her we love her. At Christmas she begged us to move home to Grants Pass. We knew when we moved, there would be loved ones we may never see again in this life. But we have the hope and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ that reasures us of a glorious resurrection. The sealing power of the temple promises a welding link between generations and families. Not one is lost, not one will miss out on promised blessings. I have been blessed to have visited so often with Grandma over the past few years that she was in Grants Pass. I enjoyed watching her become child like. She truly was ready to meet her Savior, anxious to met again loved ones who had gone before. Not having a grandmother of my own, she truly was dear to my heart.
See ya later Grandma!

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