Sunday, January 4, 2009

Children say and do the darndest things

Today was the first day of Primary for my little class of 9 sunbeams. These are 3 year old just coming out of Nursery. They each are precious and VERY energetic. I learned that I should not wear a button up skirt. During singing time I noticed the little boy sitting next to me had unbuttoned by skirt about four buttons. I told him that he couldn't undress my in Primary. He just smiled and gave me a big hug. During class we gathered around a colorful blanket on the floor to learn eachothers name. After learning their names I proceeded with a hacky sac toss to share what each of the children like to do. I started off telling the children that I like swimming. The next little boy said he liked swimming too. When asked what else he liked to do, he responded with "go potty." Taken back I said, "that's great so do I." He passed the hacky sac to the next child. I asked, "What do you like to do?" This time the little girl responded thoughtfully, " I like swimming and going potty." Trying to move past the issue, I continued to ask what else do you like to do. I helped with another idea. Each child was passed the hacky sac and responded the same, "swimming and going potty." It was so cute that each child responded so seriously that their choice of activity was to go potty. Then I realized that each of these children are in the potty training stage. How exciting to learn this skill, freedom this brings into their young lives. Oh, to be young again. As my own children are growing, and living lives of their own, I find myself reflecting back on the many memories of cute moments. These thoughts bring such joy and satisfaction. To have lived, loved, and laughed together.

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  1. Hey!!! I LOVE that you are blogging. All these cool posts inspire me - I always know that I need to post more! I love your cute primary story and the picture of those cute little - not so little anymore smiles! I love you- Jera