Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sparking way to start the New Year.

The New Year started with a little excitement. During a morning rain storm, a tree fell over the power lines, causing the lines to go down. The power and phones were out. Lines strung all over the driveway and down at the end of the road we had an electrical fire lighting up the early morning darkness. Fire trucks, the power company and lots of rain.
We also got news that the buyer for our business got financing and plans to take over the business February 1st. WOW! Its really happening.
The next step is getting the house ready for market. We've got bad news that because of the market, our house is at half the value it was appraised at four years ago. Insurance claims the rebuild value is still up there, but the market may not hold the existing value. We have put the matter into the Lord's hands. He has a plan for us.

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