Sunday, March 8, 2009

Painful Sorting

This past month I spent sorting through business files with the sale of the business. Papers were signed February 2nd, but it has taken all month to make the transition. There is still a few loose ends. This month I am sorting and packing up my school room. I spent 20 years of my life home schooling and accumulating educational materials. Some materials have been useful and some, not so much. I have saved much of the work my children had done over these years. It is a bitter sweet experience as I review days gone by. One of the interesting things that I have kept all these years is my daily lesson log books. Each day I would record what our academic activities included. I started out doing this out of fear. I was afraid that one day I would get a knock on the door from the "Home School Police" and I would have to account for what I was teaching my children. It soon became a yearly record of all the good things we were doing together. The scripture lesson for the day, what scripture was used for dictation, which book and level each child was on, field trips and extra curricular activities. Much of which the children thought were boring. These stepping stones of education are priceless to me, because I can see the great young people they have become. Now with twenty years of daily records of the things I shared with my children, I can not keep them. Each and everyday has become my treasure that I ponder in my heart. They will never know how much I gave to them. I know, and I know my Heavenly Father knows.

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