Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stepping Stones in our Lives that Refine

15 Years ago our little Celestrial spirit left us to return to Heavenly Father. February 2, 1994 our lives changed forever. Zachary William Pennington is the 6th child born to a rapidly growing family. Born with Trisomy 21 known as Down Syndrome, he also had Hirshsprungs Disease. After surviving two major surgeries when he was less than a week old, he settled into the family and prospered as no one had expected. At ten months old he developed pnemonia during the night of February 1st and was gone the next morning. Life brings many interesting changes that for years the effects are still manifesting themselves. As painful as this experiences has been on all family members, Zachary brought a tangible bit of heaven to teach us, allow us to love, and give us hope that one day we'll be together again. The spirit in our home has never been the same, yet our resolve to remain steadfast and immovable in the faith, that one day we will be reunited again, has never changed. Covenants have been made to insure forever. This mother will remain faithful to the end, at whatever the cost, to be a forever family.

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