Sunday, January 18, 2009

Through ALL Generations of Time

An amazing experience has brightened my heart concerning Family History. Over the years I have been very relunctant in doing Family History because of my busy life with raising children, and my personal judgements related to my rebellious ancestors. I'm learning many important lessons and having amazing experiences that may inspire you to search out your family and do their temple work.
Last fall I was called to be a Ward History Consultant. My resposiblities include learning the New Family Search program and teach it to others. I have found the new program easy to find those loose ends of temple work that have been overlooked or forgotten. I'm learning how to research and find families and missing individuals from families. It has been thrilling to see the hand of the Lord in this work as it moves forward. I have caught the "moving arrow bug." Wherever there is a moving arrow, there is temple work that is ready to do. So I accept the work and go do the work. I have gathered many names that need their work done. It's that easy.
This past December 23rd, my birthday, our ward had scheduled a youth baptism night. Since I had children coming home for Christmas I decided that was what I wanted to do for my birthday. Grandma Pat watched the little ones and baby Kaycee while Ken and I took, Dustin & Kyla, Alysa & Tyson, Chelsea, and Gavyn to the temple. I had towel duty and I witnessed my children perform 68 family names. It was one of the most joyful experiences I have had in seeing each one come out of the font, clean and blessed by their ancestors for doing their work for them. My heart was full. I have never had a better birthday.
Over the next couple weeks, Ken and I have been performing ordinances for many of these names in preparation for a special High Council Temple day, scheduled for January 17th. I wanted to get as many done that could be sealed that day. By Friday the 16th I was down to 10 sisters and 8 brothers that needed their endowments in order to be sealed to either their spouse or to parents. Ken and I went to the temple Friday night with the desire to finish the work for two couples that could be sealed the next day. With a little prayer in my heart that I could get as many of these sisters done so they could be sealed the next day, I prepared myself. As I stood in line, each sister that came in asked if there were family names available. I gave out 7 names that were then completed that night. Eight sisters were completed and Ken did his one and a brother did one other. My heart was so touched by the tender mindfulness of the Lord in what I was trying to accomplish. We got up early the next morning to be at the 8am session. I gave one sister a name. The sister's name, unknown to me was Sarah. The names she would be doing for me was Sarah. She later pointed out that Sarah, the ancestor's baptism date was her birthday. She smiled and sweetly said, "I was meant to be here today to do this name." I took my last one who's name was Ann Simpson and Ken took her husband's name Bethuel Thue Johnson. They had six children ready and waiting to be sealed to them. I felt a special connection to this particular family. I had asked in prayer that I could be in tune to these family members as their work was being done. I felt an overwelming sense of excitment for these sealings to be done. By time we were in the sealing room we had all the names completed except two brothers. We participated in sealings for two hours and got all the work done. Just from our family 6 couples were sealed, 26 children from various parents were sealed. My heart was over flowing. I was really amazed at the feelings I experienced as one family gathered. Thomas Bulfinch and Susan Cloke had five children sealed to them. I didn't see anything, but my heart and mind sensed the joy of a mother. This mother, Susan Cloke was so happy and thrilled that her family was finally together. They had been waiting since 1500's in England, for this special day. Tears fell as I felt her presence and her joy. My joy was full. My prayer was answered 100 fold as I felt the joy of each mother, something I could recognize, to have her children forever.
I learned a marvelous truth as I experienced this day in the temple, that the work we do here and now doesn't just bless our ancestors, but the promise is that blessings are given through ALL generations of time, that includes my generation, ME. As we search out ancestors and complete their work, we are blessing our own lives and our posterity. What joy it is to feel the spirit of Elijah and hunger to do more.


  1. Christy, What a cool experience! I am so glad that you guys are working so hard on these! You are great - Thanks you for sharing such atender story!

  2. Christy..You are awesome, how do you find time to do so much. zi love your blog site. It is really pretty.PRP