Sunday, August 30, 2009

Working Women

After a week and a half of getting my resume out there and answering newspaper want ads, I got a job. These are the wonderful ladies in the office I work with. Debbie, sitting at the desk, does accounts receivable, Theresa, behind her, does medical records, Julie does "check in" receptionist, and I am the "check out" receptionist for ENT Associates. Dr. Paul Neis, and Dr. Monty Barker are the ear, nose and throat Docs. We have two audiologists, Deborah Baker and Monte Hardin. We also have an allergy department. This is a wonderful group of people to work with. I've learned alot. The biggest lesson I have learned is how spoiled I have been to be able to have been a work from home Mom for 25 years. I am enjoying the challenge of a busy office, but I miss my time with the kids at home. They are all in school now, so I'm only missing an hour and a half when they get home. Some days they even have dinner ready for me when I get there. Gavyn got his driving permit and so I'm teaching another teenager to drive. I find that to be the scariest thing in the world. I've survived 5 learners already so far, I should manage this one just fine. Seminary has started for Gavyn too, so that means early rising for Mom BEFORE work even begins. I find my brain starts fizzeling out about 4PM. That means the last hour is alittle fuzzy.

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  1. How's that coming? Cool pic of the group :- )
    Office dynamics...... hummmmmm