Sunday, November 8, 2009

27 Years of Joy!

Ken & I celebrated our anniversary going to the St. Louis, MO Temple. It is beautiful, as they all are. We were able to do family sealings, work we've been working on all year. Our new ward celebrated with us since it was the ward Temple Day. We then spent the next day at the cannery, canning supplies for the ward. We have recently been called as the Single Adult Shepherds for our ward. We have 59 on our rolls. After calling all of them, we found there will be updating the ward records. One sister on the list had been married for 10 years. Today we were called to be Institute Instructors for our ward. Since we have a University here in Mountain Home, we will have surrounding areas joining us. The adults want a class too, so we teach them also. We're calling them, "Seasoned Adults" since some do not like the "Mature" title. We are looking forward to this new challenge.

Ken and I were able to take 8 youth to the temple yesterday and do baptisms. What a wonderful blessing temples are. Be grateful when a temple is so close to you.

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